יום שבת, מאי 15, 2004

Another month, more work

Well doesn't time fly? One minute it was March, then it was April and now it is May and I must say sorry for the lack of updates. But when work is busy and when work pays your bills and gives you a bit left over for the nice things in life, then the blog musty come second, or even third to everything else.

So why has the blog come second?

Quite simply, been busy working on two deals. The first of course is the German deal and the fact the the planned buyout just didn't happen. Still, that's life. Some deals happen and some deals don't. Atleast we got paid our fees for our work.

The second deal involved setting up a new UK adult magazine and website. Many people think there is no future with adult magazines due to the growth of the web. But our client has a good proposition to make it work. So been busy with setting up the business and working out the best way for it to operate in an effective tax way.

Client is based in New York, so that involved a few trips out there and of course plenty of eating out at the 2d Avenue Deli.

Until next time...

Remember, the more giggles in the life, the better your life.

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