יום שני, יולי 26, 2004

Things Jews just don't talk about - but should...
On a girls night out we discussed some of these issues that Jews just seem to avoid talking about but really need to raise awareness about.

1. Haggling over the price of a bris with the Mohel.
2. Haggling over the price of a wedding with the Rabbi.
3. Haggling over the price of the suggested "donation" for an aliyah.
4. How many Jewish men use sex toys on themselves.
5. Is the Rabbi of the synagogue you belong to actually any good?
6. Why Grape Juice without a certificate is not kosher. There's nothing wrong with grape juice but we get all het up over it.  Welch's Grape Juice is great, but why should Jews feel guilty drinking it?
7. What is the point of the UK chief rabbi Dr Jonathan Sacks. Does he actually serve any purpose other than getting a well paid job of over £100,000 plus he gets lots of extras on the side including freelance writing, book deals etc. 
8. Why the United Synagogue and Federation in the UK should merge.
9. How come the biggest anti-semites tend to be Jews?
10. How come some kosher places to eat are filthy dirty and the food is not not prepared in a  hygenic way, yet people still eat in them.

יום רביעי, יולי 21, 2004

Day 3 into new job

Well,  it is now day 3 of my new job working on a "top secret" new business to business magazine.

Working with the editor for our launch in early 2005. The mag is "hush hush" as they say but covers what I'm interested in:  money, shopping and travel.

One nice perk of the job is quite a bit of travel. Should be going out to Berlin next month to write about a casino based there as part of a feature we are doing on gambling across Europe.

I quite like Berlin and have been there on quite a few occasions.

In September, there's a trip arranged to Monte Carlo looking at the impact of Formula 1 and how much money it brings to principality. Will London benefit from having Formula 1 in the West End?

When not travelling, edior and I will be busy planning issues and working on ideas. Even though the mag is months away, there's still plenty of work to be done.

Next week, editor is interviewing for a couple of staff writer jobs and he's asked me to join him at the interviews.

I like being thrown into the deep end and editor knows it. It brings out the best in me and more importantly, I'm working with someone who knows their staff which means I can actually learn a lot as well.

יום שלישי, יולי 20, 2004

JewGoo does the jewdo 
I promised to give JewGoo a plug for its forthcoming party. 
So here's the plug: If you are looking for a new friend, shag buddy or potential life long partner, the folks behind JewGoo are holding a bit of a Jewdo in London at Potion, 28 Maple Street W1 on August 7th from 8pm - 1am.  Admission is £5. 
More info:  JewGoo

יום שלישי, יולי 13, 2004

Work and life updates

As we are now in the 3 weeks, certain things one does not do.

1. No music at weddings
2. No music apart from acapella
3. Some of my family are avoiding eating meat unless it is shabbos

So what does it mean for me.

1. No weddings for me to go to anyway, so not much of an issue
2. Looks like I'll be listening to the famous acapella group Flying Pickets - remember their cover of the Yazoo classic Only You?
3. As I am now becoming a vege, meat is not an issue anymore anyway for me.

The 3 weeks does give time to reflect on life and stuff in general.

And that also means reflecting on work as well.

I have finally decided to hand in my notice at work. While the money is great and some of the perks excellent, the sheer pressue of working almost 24/7 over the past six months is too much.

So the good news is that I am getting out of the world of accounting and entering that other most noble profession - journalism.

At Uni, I was the editor of the student newspaper and enjoyed it a lot.

Now I've got the chance to get back into it.

A client at my firm is the publisher of a number of business to business publications and let it be known that he is launching a new title later this year.

We meet up for a coffee. Then we meet up for lunch and then he made an offer. I'm going to be Assistant editor on the title working with an editor. There's a pay cut, well like half of what I am earning at present, but the opportunity is too good to pass up.

Wish me luck!

I start July 26.

Nice Jewish girls like sex - part 43

Contributions are still coming in for the great debate topic

"Nice Jewish girls like sex"

Here's a response from Steven I. Weiss of the wonderful Forward

Nice Jewish girls like sex, especially after marriage, so long as it doesn't happen too often, and is always for reproductive purposes.
Nice Jewish girls like sex, except when it involves intercourse, or any oral or manual stimulation.
Nice Jewish girls like sex, so long as they're not Jewish.
Nice Jewish girls like sex, or at least the ones who'd wince at being referred to as "nice Jewish girls" do.
Nice Jewish girls like sex, if by "sex" you mean: diamond rings they can be seen with and tell their friends about; flowers; candies; babies; fluffy pillows; teddy bears.
Nice Jewish girls like sex, except they don't.

Another email from "Mark"

Oh dear, "Mark" has emailed me again, why does he bother????

Anyway, here is my response to "Mark".


thanks for your email. Are you on some sort of commission to recommend that link?
Let me say, thanks for the link and indeed making me aware of it and how as you say "it will sort you out".

Not sure what you mean by "sort me out" but having seen the site in question, I think I will stick with Aish.com.

In fact, it is quite worrying for you to start making recommendations when I don't even know you.

Have you been to Neve yourself? Not really my scene as I have no wish to be anything more than a middle of the range Jew.

I enjoy life to the full and the people around me seem to also enjoy life to the full.

best wishes


>From: "iii iii" <>
>To: belledejew@hotmail.com
>Subject: Why not go to Neve
>Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2004 17:51:15 +0000
>Hey Belledejew,
>Instead of telling the world how Judaism mainly consists of smoked
>salmon, top yiddish words, cheesecake, and not much else, why don't
>you consider making a real and positive impact on your life and
>other Jewish people lives by considering going to Neve
>I am sure it will sort you out. Educate yourself about Judaism
>before you educate the entire web world, especially when your blogs
>main purpose is to draw attention to you.
>You seemed to call me crude, why post a crude article about sex at
>the top of your blog, do something positive, and apply your
>professional acute personality to Torah study at somewhere like

יום שלישי, יולי 06, 2004

Sex, Sex, Sex and finish that headline for me

Menachem Wecker who runs his own blog at http://wecker.blogspot.com writes in response to my recent posting where you get to finish the headline:

Nice Jewish girls like sex...

So do you think Menachem is being a Mean-a-chem?

I saw a post on your blog about Nice Jewish girls like sex... I tend
to think you meant the sentence to end as follows:

Nice Jewish girls like sexLESS lives, and husbands who have
mysogonistic views--whether overt or veiled--and both spend their
whole lives feeling that nature is evil and dirty and cootie-infected,
and if they even entertained the possibility of questioning their
rabbis, they might employ a more healthy approach. :)


Why Mark wants his name off the blog

A while back, "Mark" emailed me and tried to "hit on me" in a very crude naff way.

Now, "Mark" has asked for his name to be removed as he says: "Please take my name off your blog, people will know who I am.".

Anyway, here's his email and my response to him. A word to anyone, before emailing someone you don't know, think carefully about what you say. Like in real life, a wierdo can be spotted quite easily, the same can be said for email. If you don't want to be seens as a weirdo, don't do wierd things.

>From: belledejew@hotmail.com
>To: "Mark"
>Subject: Remove me from your blog please
>Date: Tue, 06 Jul 2004


As you can appreciate, a blog such as mine is public and it should be apparent that it is based on my life and as such, real things in my life are featured.

You sent an email, knowing full well that other emails have been published - why would I make an exception to yours especially when you were trying it "hit on me" in such a crude naff way.

Why anyone would think it is you given that Mark David is a generic name, I don't know. Unless of course, this is your style of trying to strike up an online liaison and you are well known for this.

In future, you really should think carefully before emailing someone you don't know, especially when you try to "hit on them".

Anyway, your full name will now be removed to be replaced with just "Mark".

yours sincerely


When not shopping, Belle De Jew can be found at:


>From: "Mark"
>To: belledejew@hotmail.com
>Subject: Remove me from your blog please
>Date: Tue, 06 Jul 2004 18:16:47 +0000
>Hey Belle,
>Please take my name off your blog, people will know who I am. Please
>much appreciated. Don't know why my email didn't work.
>Do it pronto please.

יום שישי, יולי 02, 2004

Top Yiddish words of the week

It was one of those weeks at work when you just end up swearing in Yiddish, or atleast in your own form of Yiddish.

So the words of the week were "schmuck" as in "Look stop being such a schmuck, you agreed to the deal, so do it"

The other word was "tsoris" (well, sounds better than the way I have spelt it).

Anyway, "tsoris" as in "Look you schmuck, you are giving me a whole heap of tsoris which i could do without"

What are your Yiddish words of the week?

Nice Jewish girls like sex...

Just a random headline. Send me an email based on that headline.

Each week I'll have a headline that you can add to.

New blog friend

As the various pirate radio DJs would say in north west London, it's time for me to do some "big shouts".

So giving a big shout out to Joanna Honikman who is a Brit girl living in the Big Apple and writing for Heeb.

Joanna has her own blog which you can check out via this link -


Anyway... if you want to be a new blog friend of mine, then keep those emails coming...

Another year, another Wimbledon failure

Ok, so what is up with English people playing tennis at Wimbledon. Tim Henman (Jewish sounding name, but thankfully Mr Henman is not a heeb, atleast we can't be blamed for his failure).

Like, Wimbledon is in England, but no-one English ever seems to win anything.

Or for that matter, anyone Jewish...

New rant - Jews are crap at sport, face up to this folks. While Jews are great at being managers and agents, when it comes to being world class sport champions, we really do suck big time.

I asked some friends to name great sporting heroes. The answer among three people was the same:

That guy with the moustache.

For those who don't know who that guy with the moustache is, it is the one and olny Mark Spitz.

Somehow he managed to win something like 6 gold medals at the Munich Olympics in 1972.

So who really are the modern day Mark Spitzs'?

Also, while I am in a slagging off mood, how can Tim Henman be allowed to represent Great Britain at the Greek Olympics. I always thought it was only for amateurs. Actually, that really sums up Henman. So yes, he is well suited. But seriously, the guy makes money from tennis, he shouldn't be allowed to play at the Olympics.

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