יום שישי, יוני 25, 2004

Troll alert...

Got this message in my email box

>From: "Brian Clacey" <>
>To: belledejew@hotmail.com
>Subject: Professional minority?
>Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2004 22:43:26 +0000
>One question: why do you people spend so much time, money, and
>energy on showing how different you are as part of your agenda of
>being what I call a ‘professional minority’, then squeal
>‘anti-Semitism’ as soon as anyone actually treats you as different?
>Why don’t you just get a life? …Or, of course, simply go to Israel
>if being Jewish so important to you.
> Yours,
> Brian

My oh my. Have no idea what I have done to get a warm email from Brian. Have no idea what he is on about, but nice to hear from him.

Of course, I replied pointing out that I don't see how he thinks he can get a reply when he is already quite biased by using terms like "you people" and "your agenda".

And as far as spending money, Brian, I have not spent a single penny on any agenda.

I think all that was missing was a reference to a worldwide conspiracy to take over everything.

Of course, Brian sounds like a "troll", surely there can't be such people who are really like this?


Isn't it time David Beckham stopped being captain of England? Once again he couldn't shot a penalty and once again England lost as a result of his bad playing.

I know David is 25% Jewish, but please David next time you are playing, don't use your Jewish talent when taking a penalty.

יום שישי, יוני 18, 2004

Want to be on television? - with your mum or dad!

The BBC recently invited me to take part in a new programme called Parent Trap, in which parents get to live with their children.

Alas, despite the kind offer, on this occasion, I couldn't take part but maybe dear readers of Belle De Jew, you want to take part.

Ben, who is making the show, says get in touch if you are interested.

Here's the details...

'Parent Trap' is a new documentary series for BBC 2. We aim to highlight free-will and individuality in adult children (20-35) who've moved out of the family home and begun a life of their own. The documentary will also explore the difference in the generations and how this can result in a lack of understanding between the parent(s) and their child.

Willing and suitable participants will invite their parents to stay with them for one week in order to experience their home-life, workplace and social environments.

The most important thing is that the audience will be able to relate to certain aspects of all of the stories that will feature during the series.

We are looking for participants who’ll be willing to use the week as a platform to discuss absolutely anything with their loved-ones, from positive feelings, to unresolved issues.

If you’re interested please give me a call.

Kindest regards,

Ben Cooper

Assistant Producer
tel: 0207 239 8222

יום חמישי, יוני 17, 2004

Talk about taking the piss

The boys behind Jewgoo, which used to be Lychi, have now put up a top 10 chart of toilets in use in Jewish restaurants.

The boys call it the "top 10 kosher toilets", of course, the boys should realise that in the top 10, two of them are not actually "kosher". Mind, you it seems that these ones are probably alot cleaner than the kosher ones.

Anyway, Jewgoo appears to have only looked and photographed the men's urinals. What about something for us ladies?

Anyway, is Blooms the worst? Click here for a pic.

Lychi is no more, long live JewGoo

London's Lychi is no more and has now become Jewgoo.

Always good to see another Jewish 20-something site around. Of course, Jewgoo has the potential to be the bunt of many a joke.

For the life of me, can't think of any at the moment, other than things to do with spunk and wankers.

Even in cyberspace, guys try to hit on you

Most the guys (and for the matter girls) who email me seem very nice and generally email interesting things about them or life in general. They know that through this blog, what sort of goes on in my life and in fact what I want to talk about. But from time to time, you do get someone who tries to hit on you.

Normally I don't post the messages, but sometimes it does deserve a posting.
Of course, i have taken out this person's email address. In fact, when i tried to respond back to this "Mark" via Hotmail to his Hotmail account, Hotmail couldn't send the message as it said his email didn't exisit anymore. Interesting.

Anyway.. here's "Mark"

You will need to read this posting from last to first...
Note: the below posting I tried to respond but as explained above looks like "mark david" is no longer using the same email account.

>From: belledejew@hotmail.com
>To: "Mark"

>Not sure what you mean. You asked a question. you got an answer plus you got best >wishes.

>What more do you want.

>Oh, I see now a reference on the blog.

>In which case, welcome to the Belle blog.

>best wishes


>From: "Mark"
>To: belledejew@hotmail.com
>Subject: RE: Hi
>Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 20:16:35 +0000
>Its too early to meet your mother, but maybe one day.
>Why so cold in your response to my mail? There has got to be more to
>you than work, what you looking for in life? etc.
>>From: "belle dejew"
>>To: "Mark"
>>Subject: RE: Hi
>>Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 14:53:02 +0000
>>hi there
>>everything i want you to know is on the blog.
>>everything i don't want you to know is with my mother.
>>best wishes
>>>From: "Mark"
>>>To: belledejew@hotmail.com
>>>Subject: Hi
>>>Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2004 19:46:47 +0000
>>>I have been reading your posts for a while. Am a 25 male, yid,
>>>studying in Israel at the moment, originally South African, lived
>>>in London for 7 years, and am returning to London in 2 days for 2
>>>months to work before coming back to Israel to study.
>>>You seem pretty interesting and I would like to know more about
>>>you, call me crazy, but would be great to hear from you and find
>>>out more about your life.

יום שלישי, יוני 15, 2004

Less posts, mean one thing...

OK, here's the deal, it can be a real bum to try and keep a blog up to date for a number of reasons and like others, here are my reasons.

1. Work is busy
2. Work is busy
3. Work is busy

So that's pretty much what is going on.

I got a promotion a few months back. The bitch from hell who was my boss got fired. Her boss then thought it would be a good idea to give me a new job title. I said, "yes, that would be good, but of course, where's the extra money?". He then offered more money and with more money, more work!

Anyway.. here's a re-cap of the last month.

1. Get ready for the Euro Football Championship. Got really pissed off when England captain David Beckham missed the penalty and we ended up losing to France. Of course, Beckham being 25% Jewish can always blame his "Jewish" foot for the missed penalty.

2. Shavuot came and went. The festival of all things diary happened and as always ended up eating lots of cheesecake. Uncle Dave got carried away and he got his usual bout of gout.

3. Work - for work read the above. it has been busy, but hey more money made means more things to spend it on.

4. Bought a plasma TV. Spent £2,500 on a Sony and then when they came to deliver it, the space I had allocated wasn't big enough. So I did a spot of extra spring cleaning to make room for it. And yes, plasma does rock.

5. Cybercandy. Awesome site www.cybercandy.co.uk but more importantly, they have a shop in central London where you can buy your American sweets, or for my US cousins, candy. Bought some almond M&M's and some cans of Mountain Dew, which when I told my mother, she thought I said Mounting Jew.

Hopefully next update will be in less than a month.

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